Located in Pana, IL

Fun Field Trips for School Children

School field trips to Pana Bowl are a great way to motivate the kids! Every year, we host field trips for all kinds of organizations.


  • Schools
  • • Day cares
  • • Homeschool groups
  • • Church groups


The kids love the activities, and they get good exercise. To schedule an outing to Pana Bowl, please call us at 217-562-3414.


Equipped for Bowlers of All Ages

No matter how old your children are, we have bowling equipment designed for their size. Everyone gets to play — no one has to sit on the bench!

  • • Lightweight bowling balls
  • • Small bowling shoes
  • • Bowling ball ramp
  • • Bumpers on all lanes

Open Bowling Every
Saturday & Sunday Night

Pana Bowl
1306 Jackson St. | Pana, IL 62557